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About the magazine 


Polit​ick! was an independent cross-party political magazine aimed at young people 18-35.The magazine was edited by Laura-Jane Foley and featured articles written by a range of political commentators and members of parliament. Here is the blurb from our 2008 website:


Who is Politick! for?


18-34 year olds have been described by a leading think tank as the IPOD generation - that’s to say they’re Insecure, Pressurised, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden. IPODs feel disconnected from public life. Out of everyone in the UK they’re the group who vote the least and the people who feel most disconnected from parliament... yet IPODs WANT to engage with politics. It’s just no-one in politics knows how to engage with them! Well all that’s about to change. Politick! is here to engage you, entertain you and debate with you. This isn’t about us telling you we like the Arctic Monkeys. And this isn’t about Blair or Cameron, Brown or  Clegg. We’re not going to tell you who to vote for or what to think.  We just want to help you to change the world. Simple really.






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